Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Review

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The HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 massage chair by Human Touch is designed to be a soothing and relaxing chair that doesn’t break the bank. Using a variety of methods and techniques, Human Touch’s message chair provides the greatest back massage possible for the cost. The chair is designed to actually mimic 4 different techniques used by professional therapists using a special system designed to message all areas of your back. The Human Touch iJoy-2580 is the ultimate in back relief. Click here to Buy From Amazon at a 27% Discount Now!

One great feature the Human Touch iJoy-2580 includes is the built in preset massages.  It includes 3 separate, 15 minute messages, each with a specific target, one for the entire back, one for the shoulders and neck, and one for the lower back. With these preset functions, a soothing and relaxing message is as easy as the press of a button. Using these, there is no need to mess around with settings, all you need to do is sit back, press the button, and enjoy the massage.

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair Features

  • 3 invigorating auto massage programs
  • Power recline, Built in control panel
  • Lifelike HT robotic massage system
  • Removable massage softening pad
  • Auxiliary power outlet

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Another great part of the iJoy-2580 massage chair is the use of four separate massage techniques at once.  It first starts out with a rolling technique that loosens and warms muscles up. Secondly is a kneading technique that increases blood circulation and relieves toxins from the area. Then there is a compression technique that aids in muscle repair after long, repetitive and stressful use, which improves mobility and posture. Lastly, there is the percussion technique that releases pressure and improves muscle tone and strength.

In addition to the effective and easy to use massage features, the Human Touch iJoy-2580 also offers reclining and intensified massaging. With the simple press of the button, you can adjust the reclining angle to further enhance the experience. The farther you go down, the more intense the massage feels, which allows you to find the perfect spot for maximum comfort and relief. In order to further customize your massage, there is also a removable massage-softening pad, perfect for changing between a gentle, soothing massage, or a more intense and healing one.

Lastly, in order to provide convenience, Human Touch includes a number of features.  This includes an easily accessible cup holder so you can enjoy your favorite refreshing drink during your massage. Another convenient feature is the easy to reach and use control panel. The built in panel within reach allows for easily changing settings without needing to interrupt the massage.

After reading hundreds of reviews on the iJoy-2580 massage chair, it appears to live up to expectations. Customers were very impressed with the comfort it provided, especially when comparing its price next to other massage chairs, sometimes costing 4 times as much. The only issue some users found was its ineffectiveness for people over 6ft tall. One user complained that for users over 6ft tall, the only way to use it would have been to adopt an awkward position that only causes more discomfort. Compared to the positive feedback about this massage chair, though, the negative reviews are few and far between. Click here to read more reviews.

It is because of this, that I would highly recommend the HT Massage Chair iJoy-2580 Massage Chair, but only to those under 6ft tall.

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