Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair 11-DEE-BLK with Body Scan Review

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The Forever Rest premium massage chair 11-dee-blk has a limited warranty that goes up to 10 years. This covers the body and frame. In addition, it has another 5 years warranty that covers the electrical parts. Moreover, it comes with a free dolphin massager, this is actually a handheld massager that worth fifty dollars.

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This leather massage chair is of type Ergonomic and has two layers of back paddling. There is also an inclusion of extra removable pad.  The chair offers an integration of humanized massage.  This in addition, comes with multi-mannered abilities like walking, swaying, kneading, pressing, scratching and tapping.  The chair is controlled by the air enforced calf and electricity and feet massager.

Forever Rest 11-DEE-BLK Massage Chair Features

  • Features real humanized mechanism massage hands
  • Unique armrests provide an amazing arm massage at any angle
  • Comes with an improved foot rest and calf rest positioning system with 6 adjusting buttons
  • Six massage functions: kneading, rolling,   flapping,  knocking,  shiatsu and vibrating
  • The jade heat massager provides infrared heat through five helium-neon bulbs
  • Incredible heat therapy with adjustable temperature from  104°f(40°c) to 158°f (70°c)

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It has a unique movable massager that enables it to be placed in a larger area.  It only needs about seven inches against the wall.  Offers multi-posture zero gravity and also electric recycling. The multi-posture electric recycling covers up to 180 degrees horizontally.  This enables it to promote better blood circulation. The zero gravity massage chair is equipped with most advanced computer chip with digital control technology and a unique design.

Another very important feature is that when calf or feet rest is in motion, it can touch obstacles like pets, children. In such a case, the calf rest comes to a halt to protect safety of other.  The chair has noise-less motors that help in improving relaxation. The chair can carry a weight of about 320bls.  The manufacturer of forever rest massage chairs is ISO certified.  In addition, the chair has wheels at the back, this helps in improving movement.

Forever Rest 11-DEE-BLK Review

Consumers who have used this chair appreciated the fact that it has many features that are not available from the other types of massage chairs in the same price range. And other chairs were mostly twice more expensive than the forever rest 11-dee-blk. In addition, the forever rest premium massage chair offers outstanding quality massage and relaxation. The consumers appreciated the fact that the chair actually helps in eliminating stress of work form the body. Most consumers were very glad to make the purchase after they read about the chair. This is as a result of the consumers who had earlier reviewed this particular chair. The chair also offers a lot of comfort during the massage. The consumers were delighted by the sensitivity level of the chair, the fact that it had very unique safety standards, like stopping when it encounters an obstacle in the pathway. Click here to read more reviews.

The major concern that the consumers who purchased this product raised is the bulkiness of the chair, this is in the sense that it was very heavy. However, this enabled it to, not be easily swayed in the relaxation or massaging process. The heaviness also provided reinforced stability to the chair.

Those consumers who are looking for a relaxation chair will find this particular chair of great choice. It is highly recommended due to its quality services and effectiveness and also the good price. Click here to check it out.

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