For Sale! Chia Seed Oil – 64oz – 100% PURE & Natural, Cold-pressed – by High Altitde Naturals

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  • Chia Seed oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. When applied on the skin, it has a soothing effect, thus being very good for alleviating irritation and acne blemishes. It has the power to diminish redness and to restore the normal moisture levels of the skin. Thanks to its antioxidant effects, it can slow down the aging process and inhibit wrinkle formation.
  • Being an important source of protein, chia seeds can help stimulating healthy hair growth. The zinc content is very good for the production of new hair cells, so this oil can help those who feat their hair is thinning and falling off in big amounts. Its complex vitamin content is also a good reason why using this oil on the hair is a very good idea. You can apply a few drops of oil just before styling. Helps hair to get a beautiful glow that will make it look healthy and youthful.
  • Chia Seed oil is a powerful source of Alpha Lipoic Acid: a powerful antioxidant that helps to minimize fine lines, wrinkles and enlarged pores, while encouraging healthy cellular function and increasing radiance. Chia Seed oil is clinically proven to significantly increase skin hydration, reduce trans-epidermal water loss and increase skin barrier function in even the driest skin.
  • HIGH ALTITUDE NATURALS Chia Seed oil is cold-pressed from Salvia hispanica withought the use of any chemical solvents. It is further filtered and and winterized to result in a clear oil with a golden color and slight characteristic aroma. Chia seed oil is a popular alternative to fish oil as a source of essential fatty acids. There are many different species of chia but this Salvia hispanica is the only one known to contain high levels of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Is especially beneficial for dry, imbalanced and sensitive skin and it can be used on the face and body. In addition to its remarkable Omega-3s potency, supercritical chia also contains the perfect 3-to-1 balance of Omega-3 to Omega-6 essential fatty acids for optimum skin nourishment. Chia seed oil is loaded with unusually high levels of phyto-nutrients and anti-oxidants. In fact, chia seeds have more 30% more cell-protecting antioxidants than blueberries!
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